Thursday, August 27, 2009

a dream

testing, testing...123.

Excuse me as I brush off the dust from this computer here.

Hello everyone. feels good to be back in this soft chair again and see what's been happening in all of your lives over the past couple of months.

We have been moving children to different bedrooms...which is a function of having a large family I guess. So, no more office. Annie and Savannah have a new bedroom downstairs, which is in the making. yada yada.
Anywho, it's been busy 'round these parts. So, brace yourself...this will be a little longer than normal. If you want to check back in next week, I completely understand. (As I'm typing this, I can see my husband outside with a large flashlight, looking for mice. There is construction going on in our neighborhood, so we've had an infestation of vermits. ugh. My husband is obsessed. I'm actually very grateful for this obsession and hope that it comes to a close very soon).

Kate and Joseph's combo birthday party came off like a charm--complete with a "belly jumper" (aka: bounce house) and chili dogs.

And then, I dreamed a little dream. Or maybe it was actually real. Our family ventured off to a tropical paradise. I know we went because I have pictures. Everything was a dream. I remember the way Hawaii smelled and how it felt. I remember how much I loved playing with my family in the clear, warm Pacific (because our side of the Pacific is much too cold for me) and how course and soft the sandy beach felt between my toes. I remember eating plenty of shaved ice--Hawaii takes 'snow cones' to another level...we enjoyed that level immensely. I remember waking up with my kids (well, actually, my 2 yr. old probably woke everyone up. He was on a sleep hiatus) and driving all around the North Shore, checking out the beaches at 6 a.m. and then hitting Ted's bakery for some melt-in-your-mouth square doughnuts and chocolate coconut pie that I am still thinking about. I remember spending a couple of days at the Polynesian Cultural Center and watching my children watch the shows. While Austin observed the large, muscle-y Polynesian men banging on large drums and grunting loudly, he whispered without moving a muscle and taking his eyes off the show, "I wanna do that." Yes, along with every other man in this world. I remember walking around the Hawaii Temple grounds and being so happy (despite the fact that Annie was super sick with mono and yet was still such a trooper; and, a hurricane was headed straight for the island that week. Thankfully, she's doing better and the hurricane never showed. miraculous). I remember eating Giovanni's garlic shrimp served out of a little, crowded trailer and coconut shrimp served out of a dilapitated shack. Still, it was wonderful. I remember having my sister Adrienne with us and loving every minute of her cheerful, fun, laughing, easy-going self. I remember going to the swap meet in the rain and buying 9 Hawaiian t-shirts, some earrings, some sandals, and 2 ukeleles for my two eldest daughters (the poor Japanese man probably didn't make a dime off of my husband). It was a dream I'll always remember. And, to top it off, we gave up our seats on our flight (it was overbooked) to score 7 plane ticket vouchers to use within the coming year! It was the cherry on top!

Thankfully, we had such a trip because now I am up to my earlobes in soccer cleets and homework folders.

Tomorrow is Savannah's birthday. I'm thinking about my baby that is growing too fast. I love her freckles and her hula-hips. I love that she is our "Sleeping Beauty" and always has been. I love that she tells me how pretty I look on a daily basis-- especially when I don't deserve it. I love that she is always so concerned about the 'whereabouts' of her younger siblings. She is such a light in our lives. We love you sweet Savannah. You just keep getting better and better with each passing year (just don't make those years pass too quickly)!

I have over 100 lbs. of peaches that I picked two days ago (I know. I went a little overboard. I realize I have addictive tendencies. I'm just glad that it's peaches). At least when I'm peeling, I'll have plenty of thoughts to keep my mind busy.

Goodnight everyone...sweet dreams. Think: crashing waves and rustling palms, maybe some soft ukeleles in the background. heaven.