Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blackberry Lane

I get my thrills...on Blackberry Hill (well, I think it was Blueberry Hill).

I sing this little jingle often as I pull into my driveway. This is our new abode.

Say hello to "Blackberry Lane."

I love this place. I'm still pinching myself that I actually live here. I've driven through this area for years, and just dreamed. God is very good to us.

Our next door neighbor takes my girls horseback riding down the road as often as my girls have time. We have a confused rooster living across the street (along with many other barnyard animals) who has absolutely no clue as to what time it really is. He just cock-a-doodle-doos sporadically during the day and night. I know because I'm pregnant and use the restroom regularly...especially in the middle of the night. The first night here, I awoke at 3:30 a.m. to this rooster's exclamation. I smiled in my bed and thought, "Aw. I live in the country. A rooster charming." After I counted 33 cock-a-doodle-doos...not quite as charming.

Anyhow, it's still all wonderful. For the last month, we've spent our Saturdays working in the yard. Actually, I love digging in the dirt. Last weekend, Adam planted five more fruit trees. So, now we have (not to brag or anything) five orange trees (navel and valencia), a grapefruit, two lemons, a pomegranate, Satsuma tangerine, two plums, an apricot, an apple, a peach, two avocados, and four different grapevines. Next weekend we want to plant our berries. We're country folks now. My sister Lauren still thinks we need a beehive. I still think that's funny. Erika and beehives...I can visualize it all.

So, the picture of the road is what I see before pulling into the driveway.



Adam planting

Boys helping

Erika's awesome outfit she put together. She wanted to wear a tutu. It was too cold. We compromised.
And, Adam's sister, Britta, and her family came in town last week. It's always nice having a visit from family.

Next time, I'll include the inside. Brace yourself. This house was totally "in"...IN THE 80's! There's enough dark green carpet to last you a lifetime.

Have a fabulous day!

And, I now have my 40 year old husband. I knew we had turned a corner, when I was listening to the oldies station last week on the radio and heard one of his old, favorite 80's "I come from a land downunder" by Men At Work, sandwiched in between "In the Jungle...the Lion Sleeps tonight" and "Everybody's doing a brand new dance now...come on baby, do the locomotion..."

I just had to smile.