Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to You!

What can I say?! I'm crazy about this guy! He is now in his late, late thirties...older and wiser. He is definitely not one for p.d.a., but I am...

I told a friend of mine today that many nights I go to sleep, telling him that I think I'm the luckiest girl alive. He is the kindest, most humble, most loving person I know. He is the one that can be seen trying to change someone's tire on the side of the road in a suit, or missing a meeting at work to attend his daughter's awards ceremony wearing a suit, or helping the housekeeper at the hospital make beds to make more room for patients while wearing a suit, or baking cookies (while his wife is out of town) for neighbors or others while probably wearing a suit. (He wears suits a lot). Happy Birthday Love. Thank you for making my dreams come true...

And tonight as we were getting ready for him to come home, Kate answered the phone and said, "Oh no! Don't come home yet! We're still decorating." He replied, "Well, where do you want me to go?" "Um, just go rub your back!" O.K. Then she came to me and said, "I told Dad to not come home yet, but when he does, he can't look at anything for his birthday. The only thing he can see is me, dancing." She then turned and ran into the family room, to perform her dress rehearsal (with a colorful birthday streamer) to some Hannah Montana song that I've heard a lot lately. As she was performing her "birthday dance" for Adam tonight, he was saying, "Beautiful! Let's see you make a circle...now a figure 8...amazing!" Put a smile in my heart.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Yesterday, I lost my mind around 8 a.m. as Joseph and I were playing "Star Wars swords" with a butter knife and a Mickey Mouse light saber. He said, "Mom, let's go see BuzzLightyear (all one word) at Dineyland (Disneyland)." I was feeling rather energetic and the weather was beautiful (and we have So. Cal. Disneyland annual passes)...so, why not?!!! I lost my mind (obviously) because I picked my girls up from school an hour and a half early (please don't report me) and headed south to "Dineyland"...ALONE!!

I knew it was not such a good idea when we pulled up in the parking garage, and everyone was excited and ready to get out and play...and Erika was ready to nurse. So, here I am with two toddlers, an infant, a child that could ride on fast roller coasters all day, a child that is terrified of anything remotely fast (I had to practically shove her on the It's a Small World ride a couple years ago without causing a scene and without causing her permanent emotional damage), and a child that would be satisfied to stand in line all day to meet and take pictures with all the Disney characters (mainly princesses). When Adam called me, "Hey! How are you?...(pause-listening)...where are you?" Oh, I'm just in this terribly long line that is taking forever, Erika is screaming and I'm nursing her while standing up and making everyone around me feel awkward and uncomfortable, and trying to corral two toddlers who have no idea of the value and importance of waiting in line. "I'm at Disneyland," I replied with a laugh like a maniac. "Well," he said calmly, "I got your message, but I didn't believe it." You're married to me...remember?! Spontaneity runs deep in my genetic make-up; however, we never seem to think it all the way through. Hence, the craziness!

But, the silver lining happened (and there definitely is some silver shining through) when we watched Joseph become completely involved (answering the bird's questions, dancing with the flowers, etc.) in the Tiki hut show while savoring some delicious pineapple ice cream, when we had a nice, calm, friendly conversation with a Disney employee from Australia, and when enjoying the incredible TULIPS!! They were everywhere...and they were lovely.

A word to the wise. Go to Disneyland...but, never alone. Have a zippity-doo-da weekend!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Arizona is not a place that ranks on the top of my husband's desitination list; however, seeing that we have such amazing friends there, it became our destination of choice for this past four-day weekend. We met our friends, David and April Price, in Minnesota during our graduate school days. David is also a hospital administrator and take a good look at him...does he look like anyone else you know?! Eerie. April and I were astounded the first time our husbands were together. To me, they look closer than just brothers...doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo. Adam seems to think it's their common ancestor, Brigham Young, that's the connection...hmm. We just love these people. Last year, our girls became fast friends and ever since then, Annie and Savannah talk frequently of their Arizona friends, Olivia and Savannah. It's a sweet friendship of American girl dolls, giggles, and sparkly nail polish. They spent most of the weekend enjoying each other.

Our other Arizona connection is the Mask family. They are dear friends that used to live here in Oxnard, but have since moved away. Thankfully, we have a beach five minutes away that is a surfing destination for Jeff--we get to see them a little more often, but not as often as we'd like! Their son, Dallin, and our Kate have been little buddies since they moved to Oxnard. As you can see, it must be true friendship to get Kate to build with Legos. We just love these people.

The two pictures below are before and after pictures of my kitchen in the morning before school. I had to document it. In 20 minutes flat, my kitchen is total chaos. After sending my little darlings off to school, I walk back in and...oh yea. However, I told my husband I'll wash dishes and wipe noses all day, instead of dealing with irrate doctors all day. No thanks. I'll take cuddling my babies and reading good stories like Little Bear, Make Way for Ducklings, and If you Give a Mouse a Cookie--and listening to Joseph say, "I need a piece of water, baby."

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Golden Birthday!

Today Annie turned 10 (10 on the 10th)!! I can't believe it. All of a sudden my little baby isn't such a baby anymore. Our little Annie, Nannie-girl, Nie-Nie, Annie-Bo-Bannie is growing up and there's nothing we can do about it, but just watch and enjoy the moments (which are many)...and smile.

There are a million reasons to love Annie. She is laughing when no one else "gets it" , she's the first one out there introducing herself (like she did as a 4 yr. old) "Hi, I'm Annie. I'm four and I'm really fun!", she is such a support to me and her 5 siblings, she never minds how I like to play with her hair, she is intense and interested--as her teacher told me, "The class will get rowdy. And then, I look over at Annie and she is zeroed in...totally focused." The picture of her looking at the flannel board is so "classic Annie." She is a learner and observer and doesn't miss a single beat...I love that about her. I love how she draws, giggles, and likes to be a part of the action. She is definitely one in a million. Most of all, she opened my world to motherhood...my heart and life will never be same.

I love you sweet Annie. Happy, Happy Birthday! (She has actually been sick for the last few days. We had a movie marathon today. We hope to enjoy her dessert tomorrow when she's feeling better!)

(I couldn't resist taking a picture of this jar filled with rocks left on the kitchen counter...cracked me up. My kids have been using these rocks for all sorts of "props" lately. Childhood...there's nothing like it!)

Monday, February 2, 2009

And I'm feeling...good

Ahhh...Erika is doing so good. It's a miracle really. I took her into the dr's this week and he gave her a clean bill of health; however, I'm still pretty careful not to go into any major germ-infested places which happens to be merely impossible...seeing that our home is one of them. I've tried to have a strict code of hand-washing around here. We'll see how long it lasts. Savannah lamented, "I'm getting a little sick of washing my hands so much." Sorry sweets.

We had a great weekend! Adam was actually gone for most of it, but the kids and I had fun with a movie night and a full day at the Santa Barbara Zoo on Saturday. I just love that place. I have a million memories there. I hadn't realized how much Adam has been gone until I was reviewing a picture of our family with Austin, asking him to point out the different members, "Austin, who's that?" "Kates" "Who's that?" "Mom" "Who's that?" "Daddygo" (all one word) hmmm. I got a good laugh...Adam wasn't nearly as amused.

Joseph has been picking up some new phrase-ology lately that leaves me...speechless. "Joseph, are you ready for breakfast?" "Yea baby" Joseph, "I need some ketchup baby." I try to correct with, "Buddy, I'm Mom." ... it's a little tricky trying to keep a straight face. He's too cute for his own good...

I had the privilege of hearing Sister Julie Beck (General Relief Society President) speak this past weekend at our church stake center in Camarillo. She was nothing less than amazing...a fountain of incredible wisdom and insight. After her comments, she opened it up for questions. Something that stuck with me (among many things) was that she spoke about a mother's many shifts--the night shift, morning, day, afternoon-evening or the "swing shift." A mother works all the shifts; however, the most important and impacting shift is the afternoon-evening "swing shift." This is when our kids get home from school, they are hungry physically, spiritually and emotionally. She said, "Don't become so busy during the day that you are wiped out during the most important shift of the day." Isn't that interesting? Usually that is the craziest time of the day in our home. I need to make preparations, so that it won't be so anymore. So that I can FEED my children. I took tons of notes, so if you are interested, I would be happy to send them your way. I am always looking for good advice...I need all the help I can get!

Have a super week! I hope our week isn't foreshadowed by the crazy morning we had today. Adam finally said, "Please, let's keep the weeping, wailing, and nashing of teeth in outer darkness." I can only agree. I think it will be different because I'm sitting here watching Austin play and he is just so irresistible...