Monday, September 29, 2008

Creation & Compassion

This past Saturday night, I (like many of you)completely feasted at the Relief Society General Broadcast meeting. The evening began at our Stake Center, where the sisters in our stake assembled over 900 hygiene kits to be sent off to Salt Lake. There was such a feeling of sisterhood, love, and service. I looked around and relished in the moment. There were smiling sisters, talking, laughing, making quilts, stuffing zip-lock was fabulous. We ate a delicious meal with homemade rolls. (Why do my entries always feature food?). Then, we enjoyed listening to the General Relief Society Presidency and President Uchtdorf. I love being reminded of my important membership in Relief Society. As Sister Beck quoted her sweet mother, "Relief Society will be your mother." I love our charge to look after the downtrodden (which we all fall into that category at one moment or another) and lift up the feeble knees. Also, I loved Pres. Uchtdorf's encouragement to find happiness as we use creativity and show compassion. I've never heard it quite like that, but it definitely gave me a new set of lenses to look through today. It certainly wet my whistle for General Conference this weekend!

I've made enough pumpkin chocolate chip cookies in the last three weeks to last me a lifetime (notice how I said me...I, of course, have eaten most of them!). I keep wanting to "celebrate Fall"...I just can't help it. I love everything about Fall.

Savannah had a little set back last week with her ears. She had an infection flame up in one of her ears, but is going through a round of antibiotics, (and a little bit of vicadin). She seems to be doing better and is without the pain she experienced last week...poor thing.

While getting Joseph ready for church yesterday (which, by the way, thank you for all your advice about sacrament reverence--it was very welcomed!), and was trying to coax him into wearing a cute little fall sweater vest. After his protests, I exclaimed, "Joseph, do you know who you look like?!" (I was thinking, "daddy!") He promptly responded, with a grin, "a missimary!" (missionary!). smile.

Hope your week is full of sunshine!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sorry...the pictures

I guess these pictures didn't make it onto the blog page. Sorry.


Savannah survived another surgery yesterday...getting her second pair of tubes put into her ears. She is always so brave; however, after coming out of the anesthesia, she didn't say a word, but had big crocodile tears streaming down her face. She had a couple of days of some good R & R, she is on the mend, and will be back to school tomorrow. Thank heavens...really.

The other pictures were taken this past weekend at the church primary activity..."LDS Idol." Very clever and fun. Lots of the children performed a "talent" which ranged from piano performances, to a Sunbeam doing sommersaults across the stage. It was wonderful and everyone enjoyed themselves! Annie and Savannah showed off their hula-hooping skills to "Round round get around" by the Beach boys, Savannah played a piano piece, and Kate made us proud with her delicious peanut butter cookies!

By the way, has anyone found any good tips on keeping children 5 years and under quiet, much less reverent, during sacrament meeting on Sunday? I'm at a loss, after wrestling my children for a good hour, and knowing that straight jackets and duct tape are not options. HELP!!!

Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


As the saying goes, "It's either feast or famine!" Well, I'm afraid around these parts, there is no such thing as a famine! Somehow we manage to completely fill our schedule to the very brim...which most of the time is a good thing (that is, until we all collapse from sleep deprivation!). Just last week I was mentioning to Adam, "You know, maybe we need to pick up a new hobby: painting, woodworking, basketweaving, etc. Maybe we need to rediscover a new dimension of ourselves, to be a little more interesting? What do you think?" Adam's response, "Alexis, I don't think I have another dimension to discover right now. Every dimension is already taken." He's right.

Just this past weekend, Adam and I went to the temple Friday night(which, of course, is always a treat! especially when you can go with your husband!)! Saturday was filled with soccer games (which I'm really getting into! I think I'm probably the most vocal's a blast!). We had our dear friends, the Masks, come and visit us from Arizona (which we always absolutely love!). We celebrated little Dallin's 6th birthday! Sunday night, we attended a fireside at the stake center featuring Sister Mariama Kallon from Sierra Leone, Africa. Her story is written up in the Liahona, August 2007 edition. You can read it online. And, if I were more computer saavy, I would be able to supply you with the link...oh well. Her story is amazing. I brought my two oldest with me and it made an impression on them. They wanted to go meet her afterwards. After listening to her story, you will agree, we are so blessed. My problems really aren't worth mentioning. It's very stirring, so if you get a chance, read it! (by the way, I need to put in a plug for the Sept. issue of the Ensign. It's incredible! Maybe all the articles stood out to me because I needed them. Nevertheless, it's wonderful.) Monday, we went to Disneyland for Savannah's birthday. We always have a fantastic time together there! Whew!

I was telling Adam, "as long as I can just stop and smell the roses, this feast of a schedule isn't so crazy to me." Those moments with the roses happens to be having a great conversation with someone I love, playing peek-a-boo with Austin in the rear view window of the car, watching Joseph do sommersaults across the family room floor, playing Barbies with Kate (eventhough, I usually just need to sit there holding the dolls, and she supplies all the dialogue), listening to the plot of Savannah's latest read, giggling with Annie about something funny someone said, and romancing my husband. If I can manage to stop and smell these roses, then, "Bring on the FEAST!"

Thursday, September 11, 2008

We Remember...

I just couldn't let this day go by, without expressing some of my deep feelings that always come up on this hallowed day...gratitude, sadness, love...
Whenever I had heard of a "broken heart," I never really had experienced having one myself. However, that week, I can honestly say my heart was broken, broken for all those who had lost loved ones, and broken for our beloved country, which was hurting and changed. I cried for a week straight. My sister and brother-in-law were living and working in Manhattan at the time...leaving my tender feelings for them very close to the surface.

I love this country. I love all those who sacrifice on our behalf...rising up with courage and honor.

God Bless America.

Monday, September 8, 2008

A Special Day

This past Saturday, Savannah was baptized. Everything went well, and she was happy. My parents, who are currently serving a mission in Salt Lake, received permission to come for the day. So, we were thrilled to have the two of them and Fordy come to be with our family.

After the baptism, we all went to Souplantation for dinner. She came up to me and whispered in my ear, "I have a really good feeling inside." She was beaming. I didn't even need to say a word...we both felt the Spirit and were happy.'s these small, simple moments that keep me going. It makes all those crazy, hairy days melt away and not seem like such a big deal after all. Life is good.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Life is just "peachy!"

It's canning season again! It always comes at the end of summer and has become a tradition for me and my kiddies. We have peaches and pears coming out our ears, and I absolutely love it! I love the smell in the kitchen, and even the mess in the sink; however, I must admit that I always have such grand ambitions of getting large quantities canned, but alas, we usually end up eating most of them before they even make it to the jars. That fruit is just oh, so delicious! Oh well!

Our little Savannah Joy turned eight last week! She'll be getting baptized this Saturday and is so excited. I'm amazed at how much they have learned up to this point. Eight truly is an inspired age. They understand accountability and the basic gospel principles that need to be understood to progress. It's been very special, having their dad as the bishop, and being able to interview them preparatory to baptism. I just love that little girl and her big, caring heart! On her birthday, she quietly asked me in the kitchen, "Do you think some children don't have families to celebrate their birthdays with? Are their some children who are all alone on their birthdays?" (she was teary). I am always learning from my children (as long as I can just sit down for a second and listen, which sometimes seems impossible-ugh!)

So, after vacation Adam was pretty much missing in action around here, trying to catch up with work and bishop stuff. We all sat down for dinner last week (which hadn't happened in awhile), and Joseph looked up at Adam and exclaimed, "Hi! What's your name?!" Thank you Joseph...I'll pay ya later! Classic.

For two weeks, our family was glued to the Olympics! We couldn't get enough, and the dark circles under our eyes proved it. I love everything about the Olympics! One night as we were enjoying one of Michael Phelps races (the relay one, where he gets so excited at the end, that you can see every ab muscle in his body), Kate stared at the screen in amazement, and said slowly, "Oh my goodness. Just look at those strong elbows." smile. So, after all the Olympic excitement in the air, my children have a new found frenzy toward learning volleyball (hence the last picture is Adam trying to teach them volleyball), and anything else where you can win a gold medal!

Hope you all are doing great! Have a great rest of the week!