Sunday, October 24, 2010

Modern-Day Miracles

That's right. Miracles never do cease. I'm living proof.

Miracle #1: It's raining (and not just a lame-o drizzle like we usually get in Southern California). Peeps, if you have access to a Trader Joe's, this is the time you need to go and get yourself some spiced cider and maple cookies (the ones that are shaped like a fall leaf). Perfect, cozy treats for a rainy day.

Miracle #2: My house is clean. miracle. Well, we did all work on it for about 7/8 of the day, but ahhhh... (laundry doesn't count, right?)

Miracle #3: My dear, amazing friend Cherie and her miracle-working camera. She took our family's pictures last weekend and they turned out beautifully. Like everything she touches. She captured our family so perfectly. Now, the pressure is off for last-minute Christmas card pictures ...whew. Love you so much Cher. Thank you a million times over.

Are you enjoying the Fall season? Have you gone to a pumpkin patch lately?

Goodnight. xoxo