Monday, June 22, 2009

The Men in our Lives

I love Father's Day (I love holidays). As a little girl, I remember trying to gather all my money (which was mostly change) and purchasing something my dad really could use, like tweezers, or in Lauren's case (my sister), yard darts (family joke). Since Father's Day was always in the summer, we would usually be on a family vacation and would bring our gifts and homemade cards with us to the Texas hill country. I love my Dad. He can fix anything...broken pipes, rooftops, bicycles--anything. His laugh is unmistakable and contagious. Wherever we would be, people could pick out where the Rumseys were sitting, they could spot/hear my Dad's laugh. I loved that. He was a pilot, so I loved seeing him in his sharp uniform coming through the backdoor and then trying on his pilot hat-so official. He is an Athlete (with a capital A), sometimes exercising several times a day (much to my mom's chagrin). But, us kids were always proud of that. He competed in the Hawaii Ironman, Deathrides, marathons, triathlons...and I loved cheering him on. He now is our biggest cheerleader, as we try to boost our exercise regime. When my sister finished her first marathon, my Dad was the first one she called. He was thrilled. When we would leave for school in thr mornings (when he wasn't on a trip), he would usually be in running shorts, sitting at the kitchen table, eating a bowl of oatmeal, and reading the paper. We'd give him a hug goodbye and he'd say, "Bye baby. Don't talk to cars and watch for strangers." It always made me laugh. Happy Father's Day Dad.

My husband is too good to be true. He is everything I ever wanted for my children. He loves playing with them, singing to them, holding them, laughing with them. I couldn't imagine parenting in this life without him. Happy Father's Day sweets.

Adam's father is wonderful. I love how each Dad's style is so unique and yet so fitting for their family. Grandpa T is so supportive and loving. He can spot a deal a mile away and can also fix anything. He can answer any question about the scriptures, I love that. He is one of my best customers at dinnertime, always so gracious, "Um, Alexis. This is some of the best corned beef I've ever had." Makes me feel good.

I love these men in my life. They are Fathers indeed.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Summertime...and the livin' is easy

School ended yesterday. And I cried. Why, oh why do children have to grow so quickly? The older they get, the faster the time flies. Okay. I promised myself that I wouldn't go down this path. It doesn't do any good.

So, eventhough my children just ended the fastest school year of their lives, it is now summertime. I love summertime. I get my children all to myself (is that selfish?). We can go anywhere, do anything. We can stay in our pjs until 10:30 a.m., lying on our floor in lazy fashion, quizzing each other on state capitals...and be perfectly happy. Summertime is the perfect solution for my time handicap (another weakness). Just last week, we had company for dinner. They asked, "What time?" I said, "Oh, 5-5:30." "Which one? 5 or 5:30?" "Well, whichever. I'll just be happy when you get here." (I know this makes my pilot, punctual Dad cringe to read this).

We had a final week of assemblies and programs. Savannah sang as a sloth (the animal?), Annie danced and sang wearing a poodle skirt, and Kate played the piano in front of the school like a pro. Whew.

The first day of summer was spent at the beach...all day. We're all tuckered out from too much fun. Can that even exist? Well, whatever it is, we're tired, but relaxed. I think tomorrow we should sit on the porch and sip lemonade. I can picture it now...mmm. Summertime...and the livin' is easy...(porgy & bess style, of course). I know this pace won't last for too long, but I'll enjoy it in the meantime.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Full Circle

We've come full circle. We celebrated our anniversary at Chick-fil-A (which I think is a couple of steps above McDonald's). The kids had a school fundraiser there, so we gazed at each other over a delicious chicken sandwich and hot waffle fries (and did I mention that lemonade is a dream come true?). He brought home some gorgeous yellow roses: "Oh my goodness! They are yellow roses of Texas!!" "Yes, that's the idea." Lovely.

And, now it's your turn. Everyone has a good story to tell. It actually brings all those twitter-pated feelings back to the surface. I'll be waiting...

On a totally, completely separate note...I have to tell you about my incredible, brave, compassionate sister Adrienne, who is in Nepal at the moment (yes, the country). She called me at 10:30 Sunday night and talked and laughed about the experience she's having, while helping at an orphanage there. amazing. We laughed and cried, talking about those little children (ages 4-13), their kind 'parents' and the poverty that surrounds them. She explained that the children only have about one, worn-thin outfit, and pretty much nothing else. Food is very scarce and funds have diminished (they don't receive any government assistance...and no one else does either really). I told her we wanted to help, anything...$, blankets, shoes, pen-pals, clothing, toys...whatever. She said that would be wonderful.

So, this is a call out to all of brilliant, resourceful, generous, compassionate, wonderful friends. I will keep you posted on how we can help. But, will you? This could be a teachable moment for our families. Thank you. I love you.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Once Upon A Time...part 6

This part of our story is kind of the pits. He was in Minnesota, I was in Utah...there were hundreds of miles between the two of us. And so, life just keeps going. Thankfully, both of us had wonderful roommates and friends during this period, to keep the time ticking (except sometimes time passed a little too slow for our liking). Classes, work, studies, classes, work, studies, church, a little late-night fun, classes, work, studies... My friend, Andrea, reminded me how Adam and I would contact one another--I had forgotten. If we were thinking of the other during the day (phone rates were much too high during the day to call and chit-chat--remember that??), we would call, let it ring twice and then hang up. If my roomie picked up the ringing phone and heard a dial-tone, they would call out, "Hey Alexis! That was Adam!" They were awesome. I would then return him with a double ring to let him know I 'got it' and that I was feeling the same (text-messaging has revolutionized our primitive ways!).

But, I am a very lucky girl. My dad was a pilot for Delta Airlines and so, yes, you guessed it! Every few months or so, I would fly out and spend the weekend with Adam. It was bliss. When I would fly over Minneapolis (almost always on a Friday night), I could see all the lights surrounding those beautiful lakes and would start feeling butterflies. He would always meet me right there at the gate. We would hug and kiss in the terminal (nothing embarrassing) and then hold hands and talk in the Silverado (his silver Chevrolet Celebrity he so lovingly named) on the way to the Sheets'. Now, Jim and Andrea Sheets were MAJOR lifesavers and are dear friends to this day. They let me stay at their safe, chaperoned apartment; although, Jim still teases us about making out on their front sofa...ahem...I'll keep this G-rated. Sunday morning I would start feeling sad and lonely, even though I would usually leave that evening. This happened each time.

I was asked about our first kiss and I can't remember it (shocking, I know). It's not that it wasn't special, but everything moved at such a warp-speed at the beginning that it's all a bit of a blur. However, I will tell you how we got engaged.

So the Fall semester came and was just about over. Each time I'd visit Adam, I would hope that he would propose, but luck! I started getting a bit perturbed which he thought was rather amusing. "I'm not going to propose when you're expecting it." "Well, why not?!" (I'm learning the virtue of patience to this very day). The Christmas vacation would be here in only a week, right after finals. I would see Adam for a couple of days during the vacation, but didn't know when since he was still in MN (or so I thought). That sneaky boy. Minnesota finished a week before us (without me knowing), and Adam flew in and arranged an entire romantic evening. He sat in my brother's apt., waiting to surprise me at any moment, but I never came. I was sleep deprived and hunched over in a library carrell (sp?) writing my last final paper. I finished typing the paper at his cousin's apt.--where he finally tracked me down. When he walked in the door holding a dozen beautiful roses, I about passed out. He was the greatest, most-welcomed sight my dark-circled, bagged eyes had ever seen!

But, it was late by this time and our dinner reservation had fallen through. We decided to just eat at Arby's (which they closed as we were walking up), so McDonald's?! I inhaled a BigMac while Adam nibbled on his chicken nuggets (he said he wasn't feeling good--a common symptom of nerves, I suppose). We drove up the canyon to Sundance. It was snowy, cold, and beautiful. After persuading me to wear his coat (I already had on my coat), he knealt in front of me on the bridge and asked me to be his wife. I couldn't believe it, so I started giggling. He had surprised me! He said, "No, I'm serious." "I know. Yes. Of course, I would love to marry you." It was dark except for the bright moon light and it's reflection off the snow. We both felt so warm and happy and...complete.

Finally, we would be getting married. Saturday, June 8th to be exact. (And, if all goes well, I'll have one little more segment tomorrow).

Good night and wish you all sweet dreams! I know I will...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Once upon a time...part 5

("How many more chapters to this story?!" you may be asking. I'm winding down...don't worry. June 8th is our day. I'm trying to concentrate on this right now, but I'm listening to Norah Jones and my eyelids are feeling very heavy. Bear with me).

Here we go...

He was better than I had remembered, way better actually. He was engaging and conversational. We had a three-some going, since my mom was with us. She kept the dialogue going (which is perfectly normal and expected, if you know my mom well). I was relieved, but was hoping that he didn't think that I was a mute. It seemed that all I was doing was smiling and nodding. It makes me laugh out loud when I think about it now. Anyways, I remember the day suddenly turning overcast and snowy. We decided to go to the movie Legacy (which I blubbered my way through) and get a bite to eat at the Garden Room in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. I remember looking out the window, gray skies, snow coming down and seeing the Salt Lake Temple. I felt happy and a powerful way.

Afterwards, we drove down to Provo. My mom suggested that Adam and I drive together (nice one Mom). Our conversation was seamless. Adam has a calming effect (he laughs that he just puts people to sleep). He is confident, but not overbearing. One thing I loved immediately about him, which is quite unusual really, are his listening skills (and they are skills). He seemed perfectly content on asking all sorts of questions and really being interested in my responses. He never really talked about himself at all, until I would ask him a question. He's amazing that way (I'm reading this over...and I am such a female. such a chatty cathy). When we arrived at Helaman Halls, he carried all my heavy book-filled boxes up three flights of stairs. My mom still talks about how he never stayed in my room to talk. He just met us downstairs afterward...a gentleman.

The next day, he worked and I unpacked. He met me and my mom in the Visitor's Center in Salt Lake that evening. After we ate in the food court at Crossroads Mall (with two of my mom's friends. They were giving me winks and thumbs up throughout dinner. funny), we took my mom to the airport. She cried and later said that she knew that he was the one. Before going back to Provo, he took me up to Ensign Peak, to see the view. We talked and laughed and made snow angels under the stars.

When I awoke for my first day of class, he had dropped off a note and cinnamon roll outside my door to wish me good luck (well, he got a girl to drop it off, since boys weren't allowed in the dorms, of course. That entire semester, my friends would tease him that a senior would have to "call up" his date from the lobby. he was a good sport). We agreed to meet at the step-down lounge that evening after class. Since I knew that this thing with Adam could possibly go somewhere I wanted, I called my 'friend' in Houston, to tell him. We cried, but I knew he would be okay and find his 'right one' (and he did).

Looking back, I can't believe it, but we talked about marriage that night! It's been three days people! Talk about humble pie! I had to take back everything I ever said about going to BYU and getting married...served me right.

I have a million memories of that first semester together. He left me love notes work, in my classes, in the dorms. We were both so poor, but we didn't care. Sharing a taco from Taco Bell made me happy and eating microwaved baked potatoes weren't so bad either (as long as they were smothered in BBQ sauce). If we weren't in class, studying, or at work, we would be together. I loved every minute of it.

After a summer apart (except for the family vacation in Texas he came on and broke his nose while diving at a lake), we would be separated again for the school year. He attended the University of Minnesota for graduate school and I stayed at BYU. Adam was so worried about this long distance relationship. "They never work." "We'll see," I responded...

stay tuned...