Friday, July 23, 2010


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Climb every Mountain

Can't you just hear the dear Sister in The Sound of Music singing this to Maria? Ah yes...Climb every Mountain. Did she mean mountains of laundry? Mountains of sand on the tile floor? Mountains of cracker crumbs and who knows what else on my car floor? Well, I'm climbing.

Things we have done this summer so far:

1) Gone organic. Organic meat, dairy, fruits & veggies. It's an experiment. I'll keep you posted on my findings; however, I find that I eat a lot less and am feeling good.

2) Watched T.V. I'm cancelling cable.

3) Listened to 1776 by David McCullough. Amazing. Check it out from your library. It changes your thoughts. Loved loved it. David McCullough is a brilliant researcher and writer. It almost convinced me that I want to have another son and name him George Washington Thunell. almost.

4) Bought a bunch of new roses for my garden. Oh mama mia. There's a rose. Her name is Neptune. If you want to smile every day too, you'll plant her in your garden. She's a lovely shade of lavender and she's planted all over Oprah's garden up in Montecito (you know, Oprah). Also, she has a friend...Chrysler Imperius. She is a deep hot pink color. These two roses are so fragrant that Savannah was watching me smell them yesterday and said, "Mom, you should plant these all over the place because every time you smell them, you smile." Indeed.

5) Prepared to teach my music classes this fall. Now, I am very careful and selective on what I whole-heartedly endorse. I whole-heartedly endorse the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is something that will completely change your life. I speak from experience. I can 100% endorse this. And, not nearly on the same level, but an amazing thing that I whole-heartedly endorse is Let's Play Music. It is an incredible music program that I wanted for my children and since there isn't a teacher in the area to teach it, I decided to certify and teach some classes myself (which included my children, of course). I flew down to Phoenix a couple times in June to do this. Look on this website and see if there's a teacher in your area. If there is, sign up--I can guarantee you won't be sorry! amazing.

6) Carted Annie and Savannah to Ventura every morning for Jr. Lifeguards. Oh oh! This morning as I was driving them to the beach, I noticed trailers, security and a fake brick entrance by the beach here. Movie filming. I would've never believed it if I didn't live here, but I've seen so many of these situations, especially off the 1 in Malibu.

7) Didn't swim very much. It's been rather cool and overcast. I think it's an extended "May-Gray, June-Gloom" this summer.

8) Didn't take pictures.

9) Purchased a lovely new thing for our living room that I will have to share pictures of next time.

10) Turned one year older (and wiser).

Watch this (sorry for being so bossy). Please watch this. It'll make you laugh.

Old Spice Guy and then BYU's version