Monday, July 20, 2009

an epic journey

hello? hello? Is anyone there? Good grief. I have not seen the likes of this blog for quite some time now. Well, I take that back. I have, actually. However, I wasn't the author. Someone sneaky and generous (a little too generous I might add) has been here. So, thank you LOML and thank you dear ones for all of your birthday wishes and generous words. You are indeed too good to be true!

We have been travelling to and fro, here and there, over the river and through the woods...all the way to Grandmother's houses. Our adventures included a visit with Adam's family (there's a nice ring to that..Addam's family...hmmm). We slip and slided, shopped, ate lots of goodies, movie-watched, talked, and relaxed. They are very wonderful people who can patiently put up with this rowdy bunch of ours.

Also, we enjoyed our annual Grandma's camp in Salt Lake with my family. My mom has hosted Grandma's camp (nearly a week of fun-filled, cousin-filled, activity-filled, delicious food-filled fun) for, I think, five years now. Eventhough the stomach flu ravaged through our Grandma camp, everyone, true to form, remained chipper and undeterred. Even with some sleepless nights, we still had some serious fun climbing Ensign peak, visiting Temple Square and Heritage Park, rolling down the hill (instead of watching the baseball game), playing in the creeks, and having dinner picnics. Wowsers.

We took home some wonderful memories of both homes. Last night after we pulled in the driveway, we all were so beat that we just plopped on the couch and talked about birthdays. Kate's is this Saturday and Joseph's is in August. Joseph loudly exclaimed that he wanted a "belly jumper" at his birthday. We all looked at each other and laughed. Eh, sonny? Was that a belly dancer or a jolly jumper? Let's hope that for all of our sakes (and reputation) you meant the latter.

Glad to go, and definitely glad to be home. I better get off to bed so I can face my laundry tomorrow (and you know how that goes)...

night, night.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Yes, I've succombed to the dark-side and "hacked" my way into my wife's blog (OK, it really only took signing in... but to us illiterate bloggers it appeared to take the same amount of time and technical expertise as constructing the space station). However, even without that disclosure, it wouldn't take a literary genius to quickly come to the conclusion that Alexis' "ghost writer" needs some coaching from the master herself.

Alexis is on literary leave right now (ie. vacation) and I've been self appointed on her Birthday!!!(July 9th) as her Numero Uno Fan to celebrate the writer and person behind these words and stories, chronicles and inspirational thoughts. Too often we only see and hear the author's perspective from their eyes looking out, but don't have the opportunity to step back and from the outside reflect on the author. I can't pass up the opportunity to tell her and the world of "Blogonia" how much I (and we as family/children, and friends) love and admire her.

All who know her realize that not only is she a gifted writer and communicator, but also a compassionate and tender mother and wife, a dear friend with a listening ear, and a motivator and Superwoman (I have personally witnessed her stopping speeding tricycles, leaping large buildings - aka laundry piles in a single bound, and spotting with her laser vision my hidden chocolate stash through cabinet doors). It isn't infrequent that she is able to juggle 6 or more active children, running between piano, soccer, school, errands, meals, church, while on the phone, balancing on one foot, being understanding of a husband who is coming home late due to meetings, and maintaining a great sense of humor, purpose, and perspective. Whewww.

So you may ask, when does she find time to blog, jog, or chase the dog. I don't know, and that my friends is the mystery; how does she turn a 24 hour day into 30 hours of accomplishments, and make each of us feel like we have her full attention and interest while time is standing still?? It is truly one of her many gifts.

I've always loved the way she smiles and laughs. She has a natural beauty and is absolutely gorgeous when she is dressing up on Sunday's or special occassions as well as just relaxing at home. She finds joy in the simple things of life; flowers, moments with our children and talking to a friend, going for walks, practicing a piano piece after the kids are in bed, and a fresh green salad. She is a tenacious worker, and unstopable when she wants to accomplish something, an outstanding chef, a master budgeter, and a fabulous tennis player. Most of all, she loves the Lord, shares her testimony and experiences freely and often and desires to do what's right in every situation.

I find that I'm in love with this incredible woman more each day than the day before and realize how lucky I am in our marriage. Thank you to so many of our friends and family for your love and support of Alexis! I know she and I value your friendship greatly.

I love you Alexis! Happy Birthday!