Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summertime, sweet Summertime

I love the summer! ...And I love going on vacations...long ones. I'm so excited, I just can't even sleep! The car is packed. The dog is taken care of. Our mail will be picked up. The paper will be stopped and the list continues (I am amazed at all the details). We are headed to Aspen Grove Family Camp in Utah this of our favorite places. Anyways, it's late, no early! I need to go back to bed, and honestly, I can't think of anything remotely interesting to say at the moment (my brain stopped working about 10 hours ago)...except, yesterday as we were dropping Annie off at her Jr. Lifeguard thing, we saw a very sophisticated couple with their coffee mugs crossing the street with their three lovely, large poodles. Immediately, Joseph pointed, "Look Mom! SHEEP!!"

Good night. Sweet short dreams.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Baby #6!

I finally made it to the doctor this past Monday. They said that I needed an ultrasound for various, being that I had placenta previa. They wanted to see where the placenta was located now (since I received my last ultrasound at 10 wks, and now I'm at 25 wks...yikes!). I had no idea, but thankfully, I have felt fine and after todays ultrasound, I think I'm fine (the tech wouldn't say). I'm sure everything is just fine.
And...we found that we are having a...GIRL!!! We are thrilled! Annie and Savannah keep telling Kate, "Kate! You've never had a baby sister! We haven't had a baby girl for 6 whole years!" Now, the mission is to find the suitable name. Don't worry, with input from 5 opinionated people, I'm sure we can come up with a good one before having to sign the Birth Certificate papers in October!
Adam's hospital is holding the annual employee picnic this Saturday. For the last two years (ever since Adam has been working there), we have enjoyed lots of cotton candy, popcorn, tri-tip, jolly-jumps, etc...and a hula-hoop contest! Hula-hooping is in the same category for me as American apple pie and baseball. Savannah has been watching this contest for the past two years, and is determined to accomplish something this Saturday. In fact, we went and bought a hula-hoop yesterday so she could "practice." I overheard the girls talking in the car yesterday. Savannah was explaining to her two sisters, "Actually, I'm really glad I have such a round helps me to hula-hoop better." smile. (I wish I could post a picture of her "practicing"...she has spent much of the day doing it! BUT, I'm without a camera after leaving it at the beach last week--rats!).
Also, tonight, as I was taking Annie to Achievement Days at the church, I was listening to all 5 children talking either with me or at me. After telling everyone that we need a little quiet, I heard a voice from the back seat (Kate), "Shut it! Lock it! And put it in your pocket!" It's great being a mom...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pictures at the Farm

Good Morning! Happy Saturday!

I love the weekend...especially when there is nothing scheduled on the calendar. Today is one of those fabulous days! Yipee! Since the letter of the day today is K, the kids are trying to talk Adam into taking them to see Kung Fu Panda (again!) at the theater with popcorn with Annie's friend Kali. Likewise, he's trying to talk them into a bikeride by the beach, while eating Kiwi...

Here are some pictures that my sweet friend April took at the farm on Monday. Oh...we had the best time. I can't think of a better way to spend a morning and afternoon, picking delicious fruits and vegetables in a beautiful place. Annie isn't pictured because she is in the Junior Lifeguard Program at Ventura beach this summer. She is having the time of her life! Don't ask her what she is learning, but she can certainly tell you all about everyone in her group. She loves making new friends...and is good at it. As a little girl, she was introducing herself by saying, "Hi! I'm Annie, I'm 4 and I'm really fun!"
Joseph announced over dinner last night, that he wanted to marry Chuck E. Cheese. After we all burst out laughing, the afterthought gave me the shivers. Chuck E. Cheese...probably one of my least favorite things/places on the planet. Oh well, someday Joseph will be grown and his prospects for marriage will broaden and brighten (hopefully...they can only go up from there). But in the meantime...isn't childhood just the greatest?!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A New World

Yes! Is it true? I have entered the techno-blogging world. It's a miracle! I have so enjoyed reading our friends and family's blogs, to see how everyone is doing. I must admit; however, this is not my ideal way to communicate with is much too one-sided for me. I much prefer to sit knee to knee with each of you and find out more about your comings and goings. Alas, this method will have to do for now...

Like all of you, we have had a fast, furious, and fabulous holiday weekend, well...week. Adam took off part of last week. We spent the 4th of July morning at the church for a scruptous meal (honestly, we had an amazing spread of pancakes, sausage, eggs, mango, berries, fresh plums from someone's tree...mmm. I LOVE this part of California. Spoken like a true Rumsey/Chernosky). Enjoyed a BBQ later that afternoon with friends. We then, last minute, (and I mean last minute) went down to San Diego for the rest of the weekend. We had a great time; however, after the chaos of packing and unpacking for 7 people for only 2 days of vacation, Adam was saying, "Let's remember not to do this anymore... At least not until our kids can pack their own bags."

The kids and I have been doing something I read about for the summertime. It's an ABC summer where each day of the week, you do something for that letter, starting with 'A.' Took the kids to the Oxnard Airport to get a tour of the hanger and the airplanes, had a BBQ at the Beach, went to the Church for the 4th, saw Dolphins at SeaWorld, learned about Enoch, Enos, and Esther, took the kids to a Farm to pick produce and to feed the farm animals, ETC... We have had a blast! (actually, I have had a blast! I asked Savannah yesterday how she was enjoying it. She replied while shrugging her shoulders, "It's alright." Very nonplussed...) Oh well, it makes for a wonderful memory-filled summer...the goal.

Tuesday was my Mom's birthday and yesterday was my birthday! I had an eventful day which started off with a call to my grandma, Dorothy (who is 92 yrs. old. amazing!). I need to start everyday with prayer, scripture study, and a call to her. She is such a bright, happy star. It was the perfect beginning to a birthday. Through part of the conversation she said, "I am so glad the Lord put us together. Don't we have the greatest family?" Yes, we do, my dear Dorothy. The rest of the day included a visit to the doctor with Joseph, my car getting cleaned (pure joy!), a visit to see Dad at the Hospital for a brief tour (he was called up for an emergency, so we received a nice tour of the renovated lobby), a little shopping spree, and a nice dinner at Cafe Nouveau (mmm, delicious...) with my family. I am so blessed. With my amazing lot of family and friends, life could not be any better...

Well, I can hear the birds chirping that the day is about to get started and I better get going or I won't catch up until tomorrow. Have a wonderful day! I can already feel it, it's going to be a good one...