Saturday, October 25, 2008

Are we there yet??!

I've been asking myself this question quite a bit lately; however, it has now transformed into "Aren't we there yet??" At my appointment this past week, my doctor sweetly suggested we induce on Oct. 30th --that is the day he is on-call. what? "Well, what about Oct.27th...pleeeease??" I explained all the reasons I should be induced sooner than later--but to no avail. rats! When I informed Adam about the 30th, he timidly asked me if I wanted him to call Dr. Reisman about inducing this week instead. No, my dear, this is another good lesson for me on patience... In the meantime, we have been busy. Our dear friends, Todd and Jen Hilbig and family came to visit last week from Utah. Todd served a mission with Adam in Germany and later the four of us became fast friends during our BYU days. We spent the day with them at Disneyland and then they spent the rest of the weekend with us making wonderful memories. We took our annual trip to the pumpkin patch, which is always fun and festive. We have so many pumpkins around our home...I love it! We're still trying to decide on costumes for everyone. Everyone changes their minds on a daily basis. I usually end up scrambing around on Halloween afternoon, trying to cook up a princess wand, a princess cape, a bunny rabbit tail, a witch outfit, etc. Adam may have to come to the rescue this year (or maybe even Grandma Thunell--she arrived out from Utah this morning to help when the baby arrives. She is super creative, thankfully, and can possibly become our costume designer this year! Hooray for Grandma!). This week, Annie's soccer team was informed that they made it to the playoffs! She was bubbling with excitement! We got out her team picture and she explained to me how much they've improved throughout the season. We went through every teammate, "She is such a great goalie, she is such a great forward, she is awesome at defense, she is such a good forward, etc." It was cute. When I was tucking her in that night, she looked up at me (with a thoughtful look on her face) and asked, "What does playoffs mean anyway?...will we get a medal or a trophy?" I giggled about that the rest of the night...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"The Best Day!"

Tonight as we were loading into bed, Savannah sighed and said, "This was the best day." As I was thinking back on the days events, nothing seemed to happen out of the ordinary...laundry, sloppy-joes, homework, baths, looking for the right Halloween costume, reading, prayers...hmmm. Our children are so wise. As I've mentioned before (I seem to have this epiphany on a daily must be what I constantly need), life is just, well...awesome. Thank you, Savannah, for the reminder.

As part of our days lately, we are up to our ears and eyeballs with this Proposition 8 campaign. This is the important issue which states that marriage is defined by the union of a man and a woman...period. I have to admit, I love a good cause (something I inherited from my politically active mom!)and this is most definitely a good and huge cause. Adam and I have been calling and going door-to-door to help educate voters on this issue. Amazingly, we have received some very positive feedback. However, we have also noticed some negative. Some of our friends in our neighborhood have had their Prop 8 signs taken out of their yards or written on, etc. Just today, in fact, our friends, the Hartmans had their sign taken out of their yard. Their house is right next to the front gate. Later today, I glanced over at their yard, and I belly-laughed at what I saw (I just had to show you a picture). Anyways, keep this in your prayers.

My children must not get enough of eachother during the day because this has been their sleeping arrangement as of late. We have 3 other empty beds, but they all end up sleeping funny. I figure, as long as they are all sleeping through the entire night and are getting plenty of rest...great! All's well that ends well...

The last is just another picture of the kiddies enjoying the fall night, eating some pears. They loved eating outside, so after they finished the pears, I brought up some carrots, broccoli, much good food as possible. Am I tricky or what?!

(By the way, I won't be induced next week, but the following week...Oct. 27th). Hope your week is happy...the very "best!"

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fall is in the air!

Admittedly, California is uncharacteristically warm for this time of year, and there are no fall leaves changing colors or cuddly sweaters being worn; however, it still is sunny and beautiful (and did I mention a little warm?)'s fall! We have been busy doing our favorite "fall" things...picking apples up in Santa Ynez (a beautiful little town north of Santa Barbara), eating the apples (mmm...delicious! We got Golden Delicious this year. What luck!), going to our high school football game (which was a blast! We shelled peanuts and cheered!), putting up our pumpkin decorations, and getting ready for our little baby girl to arrive (my good friends threw a wonderful shower for me at the park...which was so sweet and perfect! You know they are true friends when they still want to throw a shower for your 6th baby!!). I've been nesting like crazy! Every time I finish another project, I think, "Ok, now she can come."--and then I think of something else. We will most likely be inducing the week of October 20th. I feel and look like a beached whale, a boat, a side of a barn...whichever you prefer...just large. Everyone around here is anticipating her arrival; however, we're still stuck on names. We do this every time. For Family Home Evening, everyone was contributing to "the list." We came up with some pretty good ones (minus Joseph's Claw and Blue), but nothing is decided...we'll see. General Conference was, of course, fabulous! We enjoyed every minute of this past weekend! I can't believe another weekend is already upon, my. Hope your weekend is full of wonderful things!