Sunday, January 24, 2010

And, so it goes...really

Okay, since it is so late, I'm not thinking clearly (obviously). Here are the photos that go with the last post.

And the books...

And the website...

And I'm going to bed.

And so it goes...

I shouldn't be here at this hour. Please don't tell my husband. I'm already breaking one of my most serious resolutions; however, the house is unusually quiet right now and well..I just couldn't help myself!

So, since the last time we were together, life at the Thunell home has been moving at great speed (and with great volume). The silver-bowl epidemic swept through here with a vengeance. Large bowls were set very carefully and strategically by everyone's bed; however, it never seemed to work. I spent the week changing sheets, scrubbing throw-up off of carpet, toilets, walls (sorry) ...mercy... fixing broth, wiping mouths and buns (sorry). It was eventful. You missed a good time. And so did my husband.

At the end of the week, we were feeling better. The three youngers and I had a picnic lunch at the park. You know, before becoming a mom I had no idea what a huge part parks would play in my rearing of our children. I love parks. They are easy. Everyone is outdoors and happy. I have spent many happy moments with my babies here. very sweet.

Moving along...Annie has basketball games on Saturdays. For the past three weeks her team has been smeared. This morning she begged me not to make her go to her game. "Please. It's just so embarrassing." Adam (bless him) has taken her to the church court before school this week to practice. She is improving. This is definitely a lesson on endurance, perseverance, and commitment...none of which are easy to learn.

Monday, my sister, Lauren, had her 4th baby...Caroline Louise...precious. I do not like that she is all the way over in Milwaukee (not one little bit); however, I am so glad that my Mom could go help her. I love my mom. Lauren is an amazing girl. This is her fourth c-section and second spinal headache...ugh. BUT, thankfully she is feeling better and the babe is healthy and beautiful...a blessing.

My sweet brother, Clarky came up on Monday with his darling little boy, Ethan. We LOVED having them come for a visit. His wife just had a darling baby girl, Amber Nicole, in December, so this was the perfect chance to give her a break and to get some cousin time. Have I ever mentioned that I don't like family living so far away? Well, I don't like family living so far away. Clarky's family is living in San Diego at the moment...which we love and are grateful for. Ethan got a good, healthy dose (probably a little too healty) of his cousins. I think it may take him a good week to recover. We loved it. And, Clark hooked us up with Skype. We've spent every day with our family on this webcam in TX and WI...sheer delight!!!

And, it rained. Not just California mist, but honest to goodness TEXAS rain!! HALLELUJAH!! We even had thunder and lightning. I was giddy sipping my Stephens hot cocoa (I will soon become one of their sole stock share holders) and reading my delightful book. Right now, do yourself a favor. Go and get these two books and read them. I'm sorry to say that I was rather neglectful (tossing crackers at my children as I read); however, it was wonderful.

All in all, life has been great.

If you're interested, go here to help with the Haiti relief efforts.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Welcome 2010!!!

Yeah!! You're here!

2009 was a wonderful year, but you will be even better (I can feel it in my chub-covered bones)!

2009 also went way too fast. Please, please don't do that to me. I don't want to get to Christmas and wonder how my children became just so grown-up. Just slow it down a little...for me.

And, I am going to be better. Look! I already bought a brand new beautiful calendar and four dozen exquisite tulips to inspire me, in your honor (I know. I always go a wee bit overboard. If 1 dozen are good, then 4 dozen are, of course, better).

My resolutions (filling a full sheet of college-ruled paper) include writing in my journal daily, havng 10 min. of alone time daily with each of my babies and sitting and talking with them at bedtime (versus falling asleep on their floor and mumbling, "Please, just go to sleep."), which leads to going to bed by 10 p.m., planting my rose garden this month, keeping up with my laundry every week, keep up with my book club list, invite a new friend over 2x/month, keep my outdoor pots lovely, finish painting my kids rooms, sing in church as a family, run 1/2 marathon with my husband (or a 5K or maybe just a run around the block...we'll see)...See, it's going to be a full, wonderful year!

Welcome 2010. We're in for a treat!