Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Conversations

"So, Joseph, how in the world do you think Santa gets down the chimney--seeing that he's so chubby and all?"

Joseph, (pause, thinking), "Well, I think he just puts a little bit of that dirty black stuff on his nose, says 'ho, ho, ho' and then just goes down the chimney."

"Just like that?"

Joseph, "Mmm, hmm."

That was easy.

Yesterday, Savannah had to turn in a snowman that looked like her. As I was helping her, I accidentally got a little glue on the snowwoman's upper lip. meep. "Oh Savannah, I am so sorry." Savannah, "Oh well, but why does everything I turn in have to look dirty?" Annie chimes in, "Savannah (said in big sister fashion), it doesn't look dirty. It just looks like your snowman spilled hot chocolate on itself as it was drinking." Savannah sighs, "Okay." (I have to giggle. This is so typical of a big family.)

Also, the three youngers and I were reading this week when Joseph spotted a little black boy on a Barney board book, "Look! It's President Obama!" Well... this book is pretty ancient. Yes, I can definitely see a resemblance. President Obama & Barney--that'll put a smile on your face.

Erika is walking. She is too cute for words! Such strong opinions for such a little person her size. She and I stacked wooden rings on their stand over and over again today. very sweet and simple. I love that part of my job description. The simple teaching, the sweet moments.

My three olders have their piano recital this weekend. I've heard their pieces many, many times. Kate is playing The Little Drummer Boy. I especially love it when she plays and sings.

Do you want to hear a neat story?

Last night, Adam came home from work stressed. I have to say that that is one thing (among many things) I admire about my husband...he usually is stressed and has usually had a very full day, but doesn't show it when he gets home. I don't know how he does that. I'm nothing like that. Anyways, full day at work, tithing settlements and other needs at church all night, and he said he had to type this memo to the hospital board by noon the next day that kept looming over his head. That night, after he got home from church, I encouraged him to just go to bed and wake up early the next morning to type it out. He was so beat, he agreed. Early the next morning, he came and told me how much he loved one of his VPs. "What happened?" I inquired. "Well, he (his VP) was going on a trip with his wife last night. His flight was a red-eye and the airline he was on was trying out their new wireless network. He said he had the time and HE TYPED UP THE ENTIRE MEMO FOR ME. He said it was a draft and I could make changes if I needed to." I could see the weight lift off my husband's shoulders and a smile enter onto his face. A Christmas miracle. I thought about that the entire day.

I don't know if there really is a difference in people or I just simply notice more...people's true goodness at Christmas. I love it. I love that we get to feel this every year.

Sweet dreams...maybe a few sugar plums?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

'Tis the season

Look where I got to go yesterday, in the wee hours of the morning! Simply breathtaking. I'm always amazed how peaceful I feel when I enter onto the temple grounds...never mind that it is located smack dab in the middle of Santa Monica Boulevard. After my visit to the temple, I felt refreshed, refocused, and renewed...a blessing from a mericul Heaven. The Christmas season is off to the perfect start. Hope yours is too.