Sunday, March 2, 2014

My favorite 43 year old

My youthful husband turned 43 this week. He still, as we like to say, is in his "early forties."  
From the day we married, he still:
-always opens the door for me
-brings me unexpected flowers
-loves a good deal
-makes me laugh
-is genuinely kind to all he meets
-loves to be tickled (hence the picture of the treasured birthday gift from his children...tickles)

We made him a scrumptious dinner and carmel turtle brownies for dessert. yum.  When we asked him  about his birthday wish, amidst the circus happening around the table, he responded, "Well, I would wish for world peace, but I'll settle for peace at the dinner table." :) Amen.

May you have at least 43 more happy, peaceful birthday years ahead, darling.