Monday, November 23, 2009

I am thankful for...

...Derma-bond--the surgical glue that is holding my little Austin's finger together after it was slammed in the door this morning.
...the kind lady who screeched to a stop yesterday and rescued my Austin from getting hit by a car as he was darting onto a seriously busy thoroughfare after church and I had no idea (I have the shivers still as I write this).
...Austin. dashing and wonderful husband who is the man of my dreams and is the ultimate daddy (and his bidding # was 007 at the latest hospital fundraiser dinner thingy...we laughed and I secretly thought it was very cool). Annie's giggles, obedience, brain-power, and intensity. Savannah's big heart, big eyes, and hula-hips. Kate's whistles, singing, and nurturing nature. Joseph's dimple, tickles, and cheerful, "Good morning!" Erika's determination, cuddles, and desire to be close to her mama. comfortable home which is more often than not choatic, messy, loud, but fun?! I love living within these four walls with these seven people.
...nice people.
...second chances.
...warm smiles.
...Trader Joe's and their feta, spiced cider, cinnamon almonds, and peppermint JoJo's. mmm...
...fresh fruits and vegetables...sweet potatoes, oranges, red peppers and every other produce item that is jam-packed with vitamin C. We've been consuming these suckers by the truck-load lately.
...sunny California (even though my children say they are "sick and tired of blue skies" hmmm..) iceberg roses that bloom year-round.
...Thanksgiving Day meal shopping.
...joyful laughter.
...electricity and indoor plumbing (and Huggie's diapers). patient and loving parents who gave me the best start in life including piano lessons...bless them. music...happy music, calm music...(by the way, just so you know, the best song to do housework to is Beyonce's All the Single Ladies. Just try it, your laundry will be folded before you know it! and I don't usually like that...type...of music)
...BYU. family--brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, grandparents, in-laws...I have the very best.
...America. I love being an American. I cry everytime I've traveled abroad and land on U.S. soil. friends, new and old. Life just wouldn't be the same without them.
...Holy Temples.
...the Bible and Book of Mormon and the peace I feel when I read them. Savior, Jesus Christ, who has been my steady companion throughout life.
...hope. amazing life.
I could go on and on and on...I have so much to be grateful for. God is very good to me.
Thinking of each of you this week, especially. Thank you for being on my list...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Peace like a River

The Christmas music came out today. I know it's only November, but I just couldn't help myself. Lately, I've been thinking about relationships, about peace, about sincere, unwavering love...and who sets the perfect example of how to have them all. Jesus Christ. I had a "moment" last week where I realized that I don't think nearly enough of Him, I don't talk nearly enough of Him, and especially after I was about to majorly discipline my children in not such a nice way (I was way past jumping jacks), I don't live enough like Him.

However, somehow, some way, He always takes me back. Somehow, some way He still "reaches my reaching." I continue to stand amazed at the way I feel His peace, His consistent, unwavering, satisfying, consuming love. I'm amazed how He lifts the weight and burdens I feel, so that it's just not so heavy anymore. And I am happy. He is worth being in my every thought and action.

Last weekend, after spending such a beautiful and special time with my family, I once again had to board an airplane. I grew up flying (my dad was a pilot); however, lately I'm not as good at judging how much time I'll need...passing through security almost sends me right over the edge. So, at 5 a.m. I thought I had plenty of time to make my 6 a.m. flight. I stood in line at the ticket counter...5:10, 5:15, 5:20...the line wasn't moving. My blood pressure started spiking. The man in front of me said I could go in front of him. Then, there was this big group of older men who all looked like a different version of Willy Nelson. Since they would be boarding a later flight, I asked if I could go in front of them. They just simply ignored me, continuing their raccous conversation. The man that had let me go in front of him muttered under his breath, "That's not right." I just resigned myself to missing my flight and thereby missing my other 2 connecting flights. Then, this man behind me embodied the bumper sticker "Practice random acts of kindness." He turned to this group and said kindly, "Good morning. this young lady is in a pickle and is trying to make her flight. We've all been in this situation before. Do you think she could go in front of you, so she can make her flight?" They all said, sheepishly, "Sure, sure, no problem." I cried. I was overwhelmed by this stranger's kindness. Instead of turning away, he helped me. I made a solid mental note to be just like him to someone else...especially when it isn't convenient.

Thank you for hearing my thoughts. I hope I can remember these things. I know as I think more of Him, I can be more like Him...just like this kind man in the Houston airport.

On a lighter note, Erika turned ONE a week and a half ago! She is such a delight! We finally celebrated tonight with steak and potatoes (it wasn't quite her pick) and cupcakes. The older girls numbered her different milestones and announced that she has traveled to Utah 3 times, Texas twice, Arizona, and Hawaii. We laughed...all she cared about was the chocolate frosted cupcakes in her fist.

And life marches on. All is well.