Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Greatest Joy

Happy Mother's Day to all of you capable, intelligent, creative, caring, loving, kind mothers! I hope your day was a special one. I actually love Mother's Day (and not just because I get breakfast in bed--with a basil tomato omelette, and am entitled to one long guilt-free nap in the middle of the day). All day I get to reflect on my own mother, grandmothers, mother-in-law and to think of how miraculous they truly are...and how I want to be just like them when I grow up.

I love all the little notes, pictures, poems my children create especially for me. They are displayed and saved. One, in particular, brought a smile and belly laugh to me today.

To: Mom

From: Austin (scribed at primary)

My mom's name is: Alexis

My mom is 10 years old.

My mom likes to go anywhere.

My mom has green eyes.

My mom weighs this much: 26 (who created this list anyway??)

My mom's birthday is on 26th of August. (actually July 9th)

My mom was born in my grandpa's house

My mom's favorite food is spinach (either they've been watching too much Popeye or I've been pressuring my kiddies to eat this frequently lately).

My mom likes to help me eat lunch.

My mom is the best at going to Disneyland.

I LOVE YOU MOM!!!! least he knew my first name.

These are precious days. Some days feel endless, but looking back the time goes at lightning speed. I love being a mother. There is nothing I'd rather do.

Again, happy mother's day.

p.s. A quick, funny story...Ok, the boys actually have been watching a lot of the original black and white Popeye cartoons lately. I think I found this classic DVD in the dollar bin at Target. Anyways, as we were driving around, Joseph randomly said, "Mom, I want to eat more Popeye." "Oh, that's good son. Spinach is just so good for you. Spinach really does make you so strong and healthy." "And...I want to smoke like Popeye." "Eh?" "You know, how he can make those circles of smoke in the air?" great.

Whoever said motherhood was dull???!!!