Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Special Place

I've never understood why my husband loves hospitals so much. This weekend I finally understood.

Erika was admitted to the hospital Friday afternoon after being diagnosed with pneumonia, RSV, and bronchialitis...oh, my baby. I'm always a nervous wreck when there is anything wrong with my little's the mother bear in me shining through. In no time at all, she was hooked up to an IV and some other monitor that always sounded off--especially in the middle of the night. I was in awe at how loving and encouraging, tender and caring each one of the nurses were...well, all the staff really. Eventhough she was very sick (we came home today and she is a new girl), I could feel a special peace there. I guess you always feel that as people are helping other people.

So, after visiting hospitals on dates, etc. I can see why Adam loves being in hospitals so much...there are people helping others...and that makes anyone happy. And, we had a nurse, Howard, that was the spitting image of Bob Marley. That cheered me up too.

Thank you for your prayers. We could feel them all the way over here. And, they are working.

(p.s. I found my camera)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The day is done...(sigh)

Some days I would love to play a real stirring rendition of "taps" to close the day in triumph. Yes, the day is done...and we made it. Today was a very good day, just a full and busy (and noisy) day. I'm always astounded at how much volume six little people can's amazing really. Even though the house is silent now (Adam is giving the finishing touches of tucking in our little darlings), my ears are still ringing from all the chatter and chaos of the

And, I lost my camera. What's new...rats! I need at least five brightly colored lanyards to string around my neck, to dangle the things that I'm always keys, my cell phone, my camera, my checkbook, etc. Well, I should gather a little confidence in knowing that I haven't lost any children (at least, not this week).

So, I don't have pictures of the lovely evening we spent on Friday, with Adam's fabulous Aunt Shauna and Uncle Tom, visiting from Idaho. After they drove away, Annie muttered, "I miss them already." Or pictures of the wonderful weekend we shared with our dear friends, the Masks, visiting from Arizona...playing at the park on the beach, while watching the beautiful sunset...mmm. Or watching our new President inaugurated and crying at the breathtaking music performed. I have to say, google "Air and Simple Gifts Inauguration 2009" (I, of course, would love to provide you with that link, but again, I am not that techno-saavy--yet) and you will be enamored as I was. I have always been a fan of Yo-Yo Ma and John Williams, but this was...incredible. All I could visualize was our forebearers, dedicated to God, to their families, and to building up this great nation of ours. (And, I would be amiss if I didn't mention Aretha Franklin. If I could have any singing voice, I would want hers...or Ella's a toss up). Watching all those happy Americans gathering to support our new president...well, my heart did swell with pride. Although, Joseph looked over at me part-way through the ceremony and said, "I don't like this show."

So, it's been a great week. I have a lot to be grateful for and right now, it's that I made it through this day...happy and healthy and married to the man of my dreams.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Brand New Year!

We started our new year with a running start...beginning with our trip out to Utah to spend the holidays with our family. We had a blast (as always) visiting with Adam's family and mine. Erika was blessed. She was surrounded with people that are so important in our lives, that we love--the perfect setting...a memory I will cherish.

Adam is keeping true to form. He has already completely mapped out his new goals for the upcoming year and has them outlined in every planning tool that he owns (Franklin, palm, etc.). He says he uses them all and I believe him. I, on the other hand, was not born with a smidge of organization talent. Every year, he buys me a new insert for my Franmklin, and every other "calendering" method he can think up. However, after using this method for about a month, my simple ways get the best of me, and I am back keeping track of my family on a cute, little Mary Engelbreit calendar on the wall--that I love. I'm sure he just sighs with hopelessness...oh well. I'm sorry, my love.

The girls are back to school. Annie's class has been preparing and performing a "wax museum." Every child was assigned a person to research and present a presentation on. Annie has been studying Christa McAuliffe. She has presented her memorized speech to the rest of the school. It's been a fun project for her. Also, her dear friend, Kali, came in town from Colorado Springs this week. They took Annie to see the broadway play of Annie tonight. She got home late and said what a great time she had; however, "they didn't do the movie scene." She listed off all the songs that they did do from the movie. If you haven't guessed, Annie is a crowd pleaser around here. Maybe it's because we are familiar with the name of the main character, or maybe because my children like to sing, "It's a Hard-knock Life!" when doing chores around the house...It's a toss up!

Hope your new year is off to a fabulous start!