Thursday, September 30, 2010

Me & a bedside table

Hi everyone! I've missed you!
I've been on leave.

Let's see, where did I leave off...hmm...well, I don't even know where to begin. LOTS has taken place.
We travelled to Utah in the summer.
Kate was baptized (pictures to follow. a very special day.).
The kiddies started school at a new charter school over in Camarillo (adding an extra 2 hrs. for me, the boys, and Erika in the car. I think I've figured out every fruit and vegetable that is being planted off the freeway. I was just noticing all the harvested pumpkins on the hillside today. I am giddy it's fall)
I'm teaching the two music classes/week. Fun, but still ironing out the kinks.

Honestly, I don't know what has happened. It's a blur. I was just thinking tonight that I need to make a to-do list everyday like a normal person. Maybe I can keep track of my life a little better. Maybe that's why I needed to blog, to make some sort of documentation that my little family is still alive and moving along.

Hence, the bedside table. This is my bedside table...a disgrace, I know. Who knows what's piled underneathe there. Open the drawer and you'll be taking your life in your own hands. I have so many books that I'm in the middle of, no wonder my brain is a swimming mess. I'm overbooked!-Get it? I'm so clever. ("Great!" You're saying to yourself. So glad I'm reading Alexis' blog...such a boost!).

Well, here is the boost! My kids are as cute as ever...if I may say so myself. Every morning on the drive home, we have to take a specific route so that Austin and Joseph can see this "race car" parked in front of a house. When I pointed out a different race car on the freeway, Joseph said, "Mom, that's not a race car. It has to have a number on it." Oh, okay. Then, the entire drive home was spent conversing with my little boys on what type of race car they will drive. "A dark blue one with, guess what number on it mom?" I then spent the next little while, guessing what number they'll put on their race car. delightful.

Joseph didn't want to eat the yellow center of his hard-boiled egg this morning, so he promptly threw it in the flower bed. He said, "It'll be Jack and the Egg-stock." I laughed.

Kate started speech this year so that she could say her "aw's"=r's. She giggled while telling me that if she fills out her entire "chawt" (chart), she'll get an entire pack of silly bands. Are those silly things as big in your area as they are in ours? sheesh.

Austin started pre-school for the first time. I'm glad he's in preschool for the sheer fact that I get to pick him up and see his ecstatic face when he sees me come through the door. priceless. It's moments like those that I never want my babies to grow up. My heart can hardly take it.

Erika is as spicy as ever. She's the boss applesauce...understand rubberband? (remember that?). She crawls out of her crib every night and pitter patters down the hall to our room. We're still working on her vocabulary, since she mostly says, "Na-o" (No!) or "Da" (Yes!). We like to think of her as our brilliant, Russian speaking baby.

Annie is making friends at her new school. Like I tell her often, she could make friends with a post. She's enjoying having a locker in middle school and is growing up faster than is good for her mama's heart. She spent a week down in Texas, by herself, with my parents and Fordy. She had such a special time and will never forget those moments with Jefe and Merlsie.

Savannah is still as sweet as ever. She's still adjusting to the new surroundings at the new school. It just takes time. Every night, however, she makes a palette in the playroom for herself to sleep upon. My sleeping beauty. Never mind that we have four other empty beds in the house!

Adam's bedside table looks almost identical to mine. Get my drift?

Get some sleep and enjoy the weekend! It's conference time! I love this time of year. That is a true boost!