Sunday, April 26, 2009

"To Life!..."

"Happy happy birthday Austin dear...!" Now it's official. Austin has reached his second year of life. What in the world?!!! Where does time go? He has been living up to his 2 yr. old status for some time now (you know...hitting, biting, cookie loving...well, I don't think that ever wears off). However, Austin is a very special little guy. I mean, with four older, expressive (okay...LOUD! We had a mini-lesson over dinner tonight on volume-control and how to actually get some) siblings, Austin is a pro on "going with the flow." He is my true cuddler and makes it even better by patting me on the back and giving me a great, bit wet kiss. He loves to sit down and read with me, especially by himself. This morning for his birthday, we took a little hiatus from our health food and had his request for dogs. Oh well, it makes for some good memories (and, I felt such guilt 10 minutes later that I served cucumber sticks all around...for some nutritional value). Here's to another wonderful year! Love you little Austie!

Friday night, we set up the tent in the backyard. The kids and Adam slept outside and loved it (I, of course, had to sleep indoors for Erika's sake)! We bought a new tent and had to test it out. Hoping to have some exciting camping trips in the near future! Come and join us! We'll even supply the s'mores (another hiatus...mmmm)!!!

We spent Saturday morning involved in the Mormon Helping Hands project of cleaning up the beaches. All the LDS Stakes in California were involved in some type of service project on Saturday. We had some great fun!

Adam and I went to see Fiddler on the Roof at a theater in Ventura this week. It was out of sight!! I've been singing all my favorites: If I were a Richman (or woman), Matchmaker (I definitely relate with this Yente, the matchmaker...much to my single sister, Adrienne's chagrin), Wonder of Wonders, and To Life, To Life...(and then they sing about some Russian vodka that I've never heard of)!!

Also, I made an executive decision and decided that we needed to go somewhere a little different this summer on about...hmmm...Hawaii?!! I've been singing Aloha oi, da da da da (I've never known the true lyrics) ever since I bought the plane tickets. It seems to calm me down (of course, along with the jumping jacks).

Today at church, as I was wrestling a few children in my lap, Joseph kept trying to pick my nose. The girls and I were trying to keep ourselves from laughing too hard and too loud. He kept saying (rather intently), "Mom. It's okay. It won't even hurt."

Here's "To LIFE!!!..." And isn't it a great one. Heavenly Father is very good to us.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


This is going to be a quickie...

It's Sunday night. My dishes are still dirty in the sink. There may even be food left on the counter. I know this sounds gross, but I'm so bone tired, I can't even muster up enough energy to peel myself out of this chair. I can hear Joseph upstairs prattling away...he got a nap this afternoon. Sundays are just like this right now in this season of my life. I know I'll probably look back at this season, sigh and smile, but right now it seems to go at such a warp speed and intensity, that at the end of my day (and especially Sundays), when my head hits that pillow, I am not thinking a single thing...probably not even dreaming. wow.

For a week/weekend rundown...

Finishing up a internet drivers-ed lead foot gave me away.

Conducting an experiment on my family after too many antibiotics and sick days. Decided to grab this bull by the horns and take my family off of sugar, white flour, and dairy. Happy to report that we have no more runny noses and coughs. I'll keep you posted on further developments...

Dog-sat our neighbor's dog, Tasha, for the week. No extra work, except for the extra set of muddy dog tracks left on the tile...I ended up just ignoring the trail by the end of the week. Adds character and charm...right?

The laundry door is still shut. We'll see what awaits me in the morning.

In the middle of re-landscaping our yard. Just putting some plans together. Need to read up a lot more.

Still love Sesame Street. I mean, how could you not?!...watching Ben Stiller dressed up as a hunk of cheese and listening to my three year old point to a triangle-shaped object in the house and saying, "Look Mom! There's the Golden Triangle of Destiny!" (said with feeling). Love it.

Our dear friends, the Basuas, came into town this weekend. Spent Friday night with them, chatting and laughing. Love them.

Have been trying out a new parenting technique. When I can feel myself about to "blow my top" --I'll just break into jumping jacks-- to relieve the stress and tension in my shoulders. I admit, I look a little ridiculous doing jumping jacks outside by the trash cans, by the kitchen sink, in the upstairs hallway, in my bathroom...However, it's a lot better than the alternative. Trust me. In fact, my kids have no idea why I do it. They think it's so hilarious that they usually end up laughing and joining me. I keep jumping until I can feel that I have calmed down sufficiently. It's working. Maybe I'll lose a couple of lbs. to boot!

Well, I'm headed off to bed. Sweet dreams all of you!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring, Spring, Spring!

I love this time of year. It's actually my favorite. There's a feeling in the air of newness, of re-growth, of new birth, of exquisite beauty. Wonderful, really, that we celebrate the Savior's resurrection on Easter, at this time of year...symbolic. Gives me some beautiful food-for-thought.

Anyways, every member of my family is sleeping...and for good reason. We just returned home from a major whirlwind trip to Utah. It was such a whirlwind, that I didn't take a single picture. Not a one. We began our trip last Friday with one child who had a fearsome barking cough, and came home today with five little people, barking the same lovely cough. UGH! Oh well, I guess those things just happen. We went to take Savannah to General Conference, since of course she just turned 8; however, she happened to be the original sick one. So, Annie, Adam, and I went, with his cousin and my parents. It turned out to be a good weekend, regardless. I spent time with my sister, Adrienne (who is leaving for Nepal, yes, the country, in 3 short weeks), my parents and Ford, Adam's parents, his cousin and her son, his sister Kerstin and niece. Quite productive. And on the way home, we spent a night with his brother, Peter, and his family in Las Vegas. If ever you want to laugh your cares away, go and see Peter and Tammy. He will have you laughing so hard your sides will happens to me every time.

On the way home, my husband did something that reminded me how much I really am in love with him. He was planning on returning to work tomorrow, Thursday, but knew I needed just one more day with him to truly relax and regroup. So, without even my prompting, he called his secretary, asked how his schedule looked for Thursday, and then just told her he wouldn't be coming in. I stared at him, half-gaping, half-smiling, and quietly said, "Thank you."

And, as if that wasn't enough, he took me to go see the daffodils on the way home this afternoon in Lake Arrowhead. I have a story that goes along with these beauties, and have wanted to go see them for years (I'll send it to you if you want it). I finally got to today. It made me happy. And, it was snowing. In California. As we were driving up, up, up in the mountains, Adam commented under his breath, "Wow, I feel like we're going to the top of the Tower of Babel." One of the kids perked up and said, "The Tower of Maple?! What in the world is that?" Um, looks like we need a refresher course on Scripture Stories 101.

Also, last last weekend we went down to Newport Beach to attend Adam's cousins (Casi) wedding. The day was beautiful, the bride was beautiful, the temple ceremony was beautiful and that 10 layer chocolate cake was beautiful. We loved every minute of it.